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So. . . while I was home visiting my family for Easter, my mom asked me this question:

If you found out that there was a drug you could take that would make you straight, would you take it?

I didn’t even hesitate to tell her “No.”

And she was surprised that I wouldn’t want to be straight if I could be.

Ever since I first realized that I was a lesbian and came out, it’s been such an integral part of my life.  While it’s far from being the only important factor in defining who I am, it is still a major part of who I consider myself to be and how I think about myself.  It has affected the decisions I’ve made, the way I have viewed the world, and the person I have become.   

To put it quite simply. . . I can no longer even imagine life as a straight woman.

I’m sure there are plenty of people who would just love to find a miracle “cure” for “the gay”–probably the same people who send their kids to “ex-gay camps” to turn them straight.   

For the same reason I’d never go to one of those camps or programs, I would never want to take a drug or hormone therapy to change my orientation.  There is nothing wrong with me the way I am, and I am perfectly happy being me. 

Pretty well adjusted for a gay kid, huh? 

“Baby, I was born this way.” —Lady Gaga


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Kobe Bryant of the Los Angeles Lakers NBA team was fined $100,000 yesterday and earned himself condemnation from the Human Rights Campaign (HRC), according to an article in the New York Times.

His crime:  calling a referee a “fucking faggot” after being called on a foul.

In recent years, there have been a growing number of celebrities being called out on these sorts of outbursts, using gay slurs.  Even Perez Hilton, an openly gay blogger, was criticized by the HRC for an anti-gay slur he used in a confrontation with will.i.am of the Black Eyed Peas in 2009.

The excuse used by both Bryant and Hilton was that it was in the heat of the moment–it was just an angry outburst.

But does that excuse this kind of behavior?  Would we excuse Tom Brady if he called someone a “nigger”?  Would Bryant get away with it?  Would another basketball player be allowed to call Yao Ming a “chink”?

In addition to paying the $100,000 fine, Bryant called the HRC to apologize for his actions.  In 2009, Hilton also issued an apology, as did many other celebrities caught using racial or anti-gay slurs in recent years.

People (not only celebrities) need to learn and understand that anti-gay slurs are no more acceptable in a free society than racial slurs or any other kind of slur.  We need to send a message that there is no excuse for using anti-gay slurs–saying “I was just mad” is not a Get-Out-of-Jail-Free card, anymore.

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Described as “a tale of one ballerina’s psychosexual freakout” by Newsday‘s Rafer Guzman, Black Swan has earned a lot of media and moviegoer attention for it’s dark sexual themes–especially for the lesbian sex scene between Natalie Portman and Mila Kunis.

Needless to say, the allure of that scene was a major selling point when my friend was talking me into a late night movie.  Unfortunately, despite my eternal crush on Natalie Portman, that allegedly sexy scene was just. . . NOT.

We don’t see lesbian sex in Hollywood films too frequently, but when we do, there’s almost always a dark undertone of something just inherently wrong.  Is it any coincidence that Portman’s lesbian fantasy takes place while she’s on the path to becoming the evil, lusty black swan of Swan Lake?  Not to mention she’s on drugs and undergoing a psychological breakdown, ending in suicide.

It’s Brokeback Mountain all over again–except this time we’re talking ballerinas instead of cowboys.  To be honest, I much preferred watching Portman engaging in straight sex (ew!) and falling in love with Ashton Kutcher (ew, again!) in No Strings Attached.

Now, Black Swan is up for five Academy Awards, including Best Picture and a nomination for Best Actress for Natalie Portman.  While the film was overall amazing and Portman’s performance stunning (as usual), from an LGBT standpoint, there’s another film I’d have to support.

The Kids Are All Right is also up for Best Picture, and actress Annette Bening is competing against Portman for Best Actress in a Leading Role.

The Kids Are All Right is a beautiful film because it shows the fundamental point that gays and lesbians the world over would like people to realize:  Gay couples are no different from straight ones!  We live, love, fight, and struggle with relationships, just like anyone else you’ve ever known.  Critics have applauded the movie for its truly realistic and down-to-earth characters–something not often seen in gay or lesbian film characters who are often over the top.

As Colin Covert of the Minneapolis Star Tribune said, “The Kids Are All Right is a smart, cheerful, character-driven relationship comedy. In other words, it’s a miracle”–a miracle for the LGBT community.

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