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So it’s official as of this past Monday. . . I’m a graduate of Saint Peter’s College, with a Bachelor of the Arts in Communication and Asian Studies.

Now what do I do?

I’ve got several people asking me ever so sweetly to do things for free. . . and I’d love to help them out, but that’s not going to help me pay rent, especially when I’m living in one of the most expensive areas in the country–just across the Hudson River from Manhattan. 

Hudson Pride was thrilled when they saw the Multimedia project I put together for one of my classes, and asked me to volunteer some of my time to help their PR department. . . which I’ll probably do for the experience and another thing I can tack onto my resume. 

I also think I’ve managed to land an internship at Latina Magazine. . . which is interesting, considering how very, very white I am. . . but hey, according to my former Cuban roommate, I’m an honorary Cuban, so that’s gotta count for something right? 

As much as I’m looking forward to these projects, I still have bills to pay.  Wish me luck in the job market.  I think I’m going to need it. . . especially if I want to get a job in journalism or writing, as I’m hoping and planning to do.  Hopefully I won’t have to be a waitress for a couple of years, first. . .

PS:  I’d be eternally grateful if anybody could put in a word for me or point me in the right direction. . . I’m totally open to suggestions.


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Yup, believe it or not, I actually study. . . sometimes.

I have only one huge paper (which should have been done about a month ago) and one final exam left to go until I’m finally done college! 

I haven’t been posting as regularly as I’d like, but I have a valid excuse!  Such as my Multimedia final project and my final video project for Broadcast!  Not too mention I sprained (or maybe broke?) my foot and have been limping from place to place with an ace bandage. 
I’m also desperately trying to find an apartment AND a job!  Looking into waitressing.  My study abroad  put me a little behind on the internship department, so job opportunities in media are looking pretty bleak at the moment, at least until I can get an internship or two under my belt.  We’ll see.  Suggestions anyone?  =/
Also trying to balance my family.  For some reason, my mom still reeeeally likes me after all these years of being a pain in her butt, and she wants me to come home.  She’s not too keen on my staying in Jersey City after graduation–but I gotta leave sooner or later, right?
So, stay tuned!  Two days until I’m done all my classes, another week to search for an apartment and a job before Commencement, and from there, I’ll let you know what happens.  Hopefully I’ll have more time to post; I have a few ideas on what to write next. . . (How to tell if you’re gay, adventures of a starving college graduate, etc.)
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Photo taken by my good friend Mio Tatebe.

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Someone recently asked me about my “coming out” story.  I don’t talk about it much because. . . well. . . it’s just not that exciting.  Even my sister’s coming out story is more interesting than mine!

Hell, to be honest, I wasn’t even that nervous about coming out–except to my mom. 

I knew she’d still love me. . . but she had been asking me for years if I liked girls. . . and I always told her “No, I don’t think so” or “Nope, no girl fantasies for me.”

And it was true!  I had never had any interest girls. . . but I hadn’t had any interest in guys either.  Naturally, she was wondering. 

FINALLY, in May of my junior year of high school, it happened–my first real crush on a girl.  I knew I had to tell my mom the truth.

So that Saturday, my mom and I were in her Mustang and she was driving me to my lame part-time job at the public library.  About two minutes into the drive (it only took five to get to the library from home), I finally got up the courage to say something.



“I like Kim.”

“Like. . . what?”  She looked confused.

“I like Kim.  A lot.”  I tried to sound casual.

“Like. . . as a friend?  Or like you wanna date her?”

“I’m going out with her.”

“So. . . you’re gay?”  She put on her turn signal.

“I don’t know.” 

“What do you mean you don’t know?  You like girls, right?” 

“No.  I like Kim.  Beyond that, I don’t know.” 

“You picked now to tell me?” she asked, as we pulled up to the library and she put the parking break on.

“. . . . Yes?”

She gave me a look and shook her head. 

“I love you,” she said, and leaned over to give me a hug.  “Have a good day at work.”

“Love you, too!”  I hugged her and got out of the car. 

That was in 2006, and to this day, she still makes fun of me for coming out the day before Mother’s Day.

“What kind of a Mother’s Day present is that?!”

I’d like to thank my mom for raising me to be such a confident, well-adjusted kid.  I’m nothing compared to some of the other crazies at my college.  =P 

Pretty sure my mom must have one of those in her closet somewhere. . .
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Dawn Henderson, a student at De Soto Middle School in Louisiana, was issued an ultimatum when she wore this shirt to school.  She was sent to the principal’s office and her grandfather was called to bring her different clothes.  She could either change or go home.

What kind of a message is that sending to other students?

Personally, I think the principal and any other teacher or administrator who was involved in this story should be ashamed for trying to take away a student’s right to freedom of speech.  Dawn Henderson should be commended for wearing that shirt and showing support for her peers, regardless of their sexual orientation.  Statistics say 9 out of 10 gay students are bullied at school–shouldn’t we be punishing the bullies instead of Dawn?

I’m only 21 years old.  I remember what it was like in middle school and high school.  If you wore a shirt with a “bad word” or a picture of a beer bottle on it, they made you turn the shirt inside-out.  But is this really the same situation?

In recent years, public schools have been going through campaigns to end bullying, both in and out of classroom.  Many schools across the country renewed their anti-bullying efforts in the last year, following a number of teen suicides–particularly the suicides of gay youngsters.

The shirt, produced by FCKH8.com, is one of a number of designs being sold to raise money for queer youth counseling services and suicide prevention.

The school principal claimed that the shirt was “distracting,” but none of the other students seemed to notice or have a problem with it.  And even if other students did have a problem with it, since when do we allow other students to decide what their classmates are or are not allowed to wear?  Unless bad grammar is a capital offense, I don’t see any reason why this shirt should not be allowed in schools.

Just because someone is in the majority does not mean that they are in the right.

Want to buy your own shirt like Dawn’s?  Or a wristband?  Or a hoodie?  Click here to check out all of the great products for sale from FCKH8!

Want to know more about Dawn’s story?  You can read the whole article here, or you can watch the television news coverage here.

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