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So it’s official as of this past Monday. . . I’m a graduate of Saint Peter’s College, with a Bachelor of the Arts in Communication and Asian Studies.

Now what do I do?

I’ve got several people asking me ever so sweetly to do things for free. . . and I’d love to help them out, but that’s not going to help me pay rent, especially when I’m living in one of the most expensive areas in the country–just across the Hudson River from Manhattan. 

Hudson Pride was thrilled when they saw the Multimedia project I put together for one of my classes, and asked me to volunteer some of my time to help their PR department. . . which I’ll probably do for the experience and another thing I can tack onto my resume. 

I also think I’ve managed to land an internship at Latina Magazine. . . which is interesting, considering how very, very white I am. . . but hey, according to my former Cuban roommate, I’m an honorary Cuban, so that’s gotta count for something right? 

As much as I’m looking forward to these projects, I still have bills to pay.  Wish me luck in the job market.  I think I’m going to need it. . . especially if I want to get a job in journalism or writing, as I’m hoping and planning to do.  Hopefully I won’t have to be a waitress for a couple of years, first. . .

PS:  I’d be eternally grateful if anybody could put in a word for me or point me in the right direction. . . I’m totally open to suggestions.


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